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Christ The Redeemer Statue "Beheld Satan As Lighting"

The Gods or God sounds extremely upset with us common mortals ... This could be the beginning of the end ,as it is we are supposed to be going thru' another "Mini-Iceage" similar to the one in the 13th Century .

Friday, 1 March 2013

PoleShift Will Soon Be Amongst US

>Every day people go through their lives unaware of the forces of evil and corruption that shape it. Only a select few know what is real and what is the truth. The rest, know what ‘the powers that be’ want us to know. The wise man hears and sees the truth between the lies and deception. Thus, there are none more blind than those who refuse to see. Many have predicted this time that we are now witnessing in our own lives. Few are prepared either physically or spiritually. Knowing that change is coming is the first step. Acceptance is the next. Preparing is the final step. Great devastation and change are coming to our way of life. Few will be told, but many will soon know. Most will deny their fate, until it is too late. The Georgia Guide Stones made it clear that the goal of their architect was to reduce the world’s population by 90%, stating that the planet cannot support the strains of our society. To date, no individual or group has taken responsibility for the placement of these monoliths. We can, however, expect that there is an organization that is helping to usher in the great catastrophes that would need to occur to cause such devastation. As we write you, it is clear that America is in an economic and constitutional death spiral, with an imminent global economic collapse, wars unfolding in the Middle East and East Asia, earth changes of unthinkable magnitude, a number of celestial objects of prophecy, and even another pandemic brewing. The Pope has stepped aside, setting the stage for the prophecy of Father Malachi Martin to unfold, with the next Pope (#112) predicted to usher in the Apocalypse and the “End Times”. Meanwhile, the 3rd prophecy of Fatima has still not been revealed, as the Vatican realized it was so horrible, that people could not bear to hear it or comprehend it. The Bible predicts the end of days will start, "when you see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not to be". Major investors have recently shorted the stock market, expecting (or presumably knowing there will be) an economic crash by late April, 2013. If so, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and virtually all investments will disappear. Keeping your money "under your mattress" is not a solution, as with an overnight collapse of the dollar, the following hyperinflation will make paper money effectively worthless. With the 2nd Amendment under attack, many foresee martial law, or worse yet, another civil war, which will end when the "last man is standing”. China will deal with Japan and commandeer Taiwan, while the US becomes preoccupied with North Korea and their nuclear aspirations and actions. Many predict all this will lead to an invasion, by the Chinese, seeking retribution for their then worthless investment in US Treasuries. Either way, all of this is more than anyone can be expected to emotionally or physically deal with. Topping this all off, government trained Remote Viewers foresee a sequence of devastating solar flares including the “Kill Shot”, occurring in conjunction with a large passing space body. We recently witnessed a series of meteors explode over Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cuba, on the same day, as the giant asteroid known as DA 14 passed within 15 minutes of our Earth’s orbit. If DA 14 was 15 minutes ahead of schedule, the Earth would have been directly hit, creating an unfathomable shock wave, and even a one to two mile high tsunami if it landed in an ocean. Later this year, Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) will enter the inner solar system, wreaking havoc in its path, with virtually every planet. Many believe ISON is the Biblical ‘Destroyer’, and despite the loss of credibility due to researcher’s misinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar, is, in fact, what they may have foreseen. Predictions are that the power grids and communications will be taken out by the coronal mass ejections, also resulting in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and high winds. Many claim that the southern hemisphere will be hit the hardest with few survivable locations. As predicted in the Bible, all those at war will look up and see something which will cause them to stop fighting, lay down their arms and return home. Predicted events preceding the Kill Shot include a space shuttle-like craft being forced down by meteors and North Korea using a nuclear weapon in anger. Neither seems far-fetched now, does it? The government has been preparing for a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault, that will divide the American continent in two. Some claim that this will be the result of the trail of earth changes emanating from the Gulf oil spill and a ramped effort to inject Corexit into the fractured Earth’s mantle to replace the voids from the removal of oil and natural gas. The above disasters will likely lead to nuclear power plant meltdowns, with widespread radioactive contamination. The "walking dead" will be those exposed to the radiation. People will certainly survive in many areas, but will then be faced with starvation, a lack of food, fuel and water, creating a "Mad Max" scenario, as survivors become desperate, scrambling to protect their families and survival supplies from the gangs of marauders. Major cities will be cordoned off and become virtual death traps. The most survivable locations will be well away from densely populated areas, with a community of like-minded people, banding their resources together for survival.
We know that America, Russia, China and even the Scandinavians have been bunkering up for decades. The question is why? Why have they built vast and deep underground bunkers for thousands of the military and elite to survive? Why was the “Doomsday Seed Vault” built on an island above the Arctic Circle in Norway, with major grants from Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, then stocked with seed specimens of every plant species on Earth in a rush to be completed in 2008? What do they know that they are not telling us? The US government found evidence of Planet X (aka Nibiru or Wormwood) in 1983, but it was quickly declared top secret via an executive order by President Reagan. Now the “Council of Worlds” has told President Obama that he must announce the truth about Planet X to the world, since it is getting closer to Earth and will soon cause a polar shift. If so, the government will purposely avoid using that name for it, so that people do not panic about the impending global catastrophe. Regardless of the foreknowledge available, it is predicted that up to 90% of the population will die from the events caused by Planet X going past Earth. THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK IS STILL TICKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, the future may be very catastrophic with only the chosen few surviving.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Several sites have tried to persuade readers that this is a hoax. It is not. The academic departments referenced in the story have deep ties to the Military/Industrial complex and have issued denials about any observed near earth object possibly striking earth. However they will not explain the specifics of their research in Antarctica. Only recently did they admit to using an military underwater robot and hot water drill that drills through 1km of ice per day. It is the vehemence of the denials and lack of transparency that is becoming very suspicious. If you caught Starfire Tor on CoastToCoastAM last week you may have heard her mention that ‘they’, the PowersThatBe know that an incoming near earth object is going hit earth sometime in the next 2 years. There is evidence to suggest the object is going to strike one of the poles… most likely the south pole. Special Scientific teams have been down in Antarctica mapping the ice shelf for probable weak points. The object is rumored to be 800 meters wide and when it hits the south pole the entire ice shelf will collapse within months. The PowerThatBe and the super rich are making preparations. They have seed vaults and underground bunkers prepared. This is the reason they do not care about the world’s environment or the financial system. It won’t matter. A billion will die. The oceans will rise 70 meters. Mankind will lose half the food supply. You have 1 year to prepare. The Mayans, the Sumerians, the Babylonian civilization, native Americans and countless other cultures have foretold this event. The earth is going to get hit by a small object that is in tow of a much larger object. The larger object revisits the earth on a predictable cycle. It will flip the earth upside down. Americans Military forces now control all of the high mountain ranges and have been building bunkers for years, this is the reason for staying in Afghanistan. Only the super rich elite will be invited escape the apocalypse. 90% of the death and destruction will come from the panic and wars after the event. Trillions of Dollars have been sucked out of the economy to build news space shuttles and space projects. Most of the UFO sightings are these black-project vehicles. A University of British Columbia Professor published an online article that projected an 800m asteroid would hit Antarctica in the fall of 2012. His article was on the website for 2 days before it abruptly disappeared. The initial data was gathered by The Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The theorized asteroid was then tracked by Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea, which (with the Adaptive Optics Bonnette) supplies probably the sharpest images currently obtainable from the ground. One week after this mysterious article disappeared, “Canadian and American astronauts say the world needs to prepare for the big one — the asteroid impact that could one day devastate the Earth.Veteran Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is president of the Association of Space Explorers, which has prepared a detailed report on the asteroid threat. The Canadian Space Agency intends to launch NEOSSat next March to look for asteroids that may be hiding near the sun. The $15-million suitcase-sized satellite will circle about 700 kilometres above the Earth. A Canadian Space Agency official says NEOSSat is expected to detect hundreds of new asteroids during its first year of operation. It will also monitor the heavy traffic of satellites now orbiting the Earth to try to prevent possible collisions.” Link The article hypothesized a 94% probability that the asteroid would impact on the Filchner-Ronne ice shelf and cause 2/3 of ice on Antarctica to crumble into sea. The article surmised the total collapse of all Antarctic ice within 2-4 months after impact. “A deep enough impact would crack the ice shelf like a window and total structural collapse would be inevitable, a few months at the outside.” If the ice on Antarctica was added the the world’s ocean it would raise them by 70 meters.

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Earthquake Activity Map

You have noticed all the recent activity from earthquakes so I will put a link direct to the USGS which gives an up to date detailed map of all the activity in the world with strength and magnitude of every earthquake ,The world is getting very restless and the magnitudes are getting stronger .if you click the title you will go straight to the page .I think we will see an eruption pretty soon from Mount Etna and the Redoubt Volcano in Alaska if you search through this blog you will see a link that will take you direct to the webcams of this and many more volcanos , in case you have missed it here is the link yet again if you are happy with what you are seeing on this blog please either donate on the right (to save my house from the vultures in government) or click an advert .I am also pasting the link for the latest tsunami alerts currently on record .

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

HANTAVIRUS : Pandemic imminent

A second person has died within a month from the rare rodent-borne disease hantavirus after visiting one of the most popular parts of Yosemite National Park.
The first victim, a 37-year-old Alameda County man, is believed to have contracted the disease while staying in a tent cabin at the park's Curry Village in mid June. Details of the latest victim have not been released.
There has been one other confirmed case of the illness, and a fourth possible case is currently being investigated.
Efforts underway to contact visitors who stayed in tent accommodation in the park's Curry Village between June and August
Hantaviruses are spread through rodent bites, urine or saliva.
Humans infected can develop potentially fatal diseases, hemorrhagic fever and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
Early symptoms are similar to the flu and include chills, fever and muscle aches.
Sufferers may may begin to feel better for a short time, but within 1-2 days, experience breathing difficulties, a dry cough vomiting and headaches.
Of the 587 documented U.S. cases since the virus was identified in 1993, about one-third proved fatal. There is no specific treatment for the virus.
Almost all cases involving humans have been linked to contact with rodent excrement. Howver human-to-human transmission has been reported with the Andes mountains in South America.
The name hantavirus comes from the Hantan River area in South Korea, from where teh first cases were identified in the late 1970s.
The disease was formerly known as Korean hemorrhagic fever.
During the Korean war Several thousand United Nations soldiers became ill with the disease sparking a 25-year search for the cause.

This could be the new Pandemic, the worldwide killer that wipes out mankind ,in the 14th century the Black Death wiped out 25 million people and this was before planes and easy travel throughout the world, if that many people died in the 14th century imagine the destruction and devestation in the modern world where you can jump on a plane tomorrow and end up in Timbuktoo ,25 million would be like chicken feed ,make no mistake this has no cure and if it goes airborne and can be transmitted through handshakes ,coughs and sneezes ,the world will have no need to be worried about any asteroid hitting or Yellowstone erupting in 2012.
************* UPDATE *****************************

There are now 12000 people affected and that's the ones we know about, how many more ,are we being told the total truth about this ,in less than a week thousands more infected ,imagine a month, a year ,5 yrs from now planet earth could be the corpse planet ,maybe this is why their looking at other planets that could support life.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


This is from the International Free Press in Canada.

The International Free Press network is not a religious group, neither is it a political organization, but an independent worldwide investigation press agency in the field of politics, economics, medical and military.

We specialize in investigating and publishing special reports and audio tapes to expose the underworld of the United Nations conspiracy to implement a New World Order.

Our task is to make the people realize that the agenda of the New (aka jew) World Order is not a dream or some wild, paranoid theory; it is a real on-going Satanic project.

For what?

To abolish all Christian traditional religions in order to replace them with a one world religion based on the cult of man. To abolish all national identity and national pride in order to establish a world identity and a world pride.

To abolish the family as known today in order to replace them with individuals all working for the glory of the new one world government.

To destroy all individual artistic and scientific creativity to implement a one world government one-mind sight.

And that kind of declaration of war from the United Nations is for the implementation of a universal, obligatory membership to the United Nations, a strengthening of the UN by a multi-military and multi-police force, a world-wide justice department through the UN with an international tribunal, a worldwide new trade agreement for all nations, the end of cold war and local wars as they are today, and the obligation for peace by scrapping all national and state constitutions.

Also, a new world religion and a new culture for all men.

If we really wish to understand the NASA Blue Beam Project, we have to return to the "dawning of the age of Aquarius." Remember that song? That song said, "When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, then peace will guide our planet and love will steer the stars."

This related with the year 1982 to be, at that time, the opening for the conspiracy of the age of Aquarius, just before the implementation of the new world order, supposed to begin sometime in 1983.

I have to say that the Blue Beam Project was set up for the year 1983. It has been delayed; we don't know exactly why. But, since 1983 (eleven years before the publication of this report), they have really improved themselves with new technology and innovations in space hardware and software in which they are involved right now to make their systems possible.

So, the goals of the new age movement under which the United Nations operates right now, are the implementation of a new world "messiah."

The tools of the new world order are,

1. an international army;
2. an international police force;
3. a world bank for the economy;
4. a world government under the United Nations;
5. a world conservatory bank for wilderness preservation around the world. That means all "green" movements will be melded into the new international bank or disappear altogether;
6. a world religion where all church doctrines will be destroyed at the roots to be replaced by the new world religion of the age of Aquarius;
7. the world seven-races classification for all human slaves who will fulfill predetermined work tasks whether they agree with it or not;
8. the world concentration headquarters at the United Nations for those who will not accept the new system;
9. the world agriculture and food supply control which will control food and vitamin supplies around the world.
The new world order will be an "in-between" government system for USSR, Great Britian and all its commonwealths, and the United States with its melting-pot population.
This is, at the end, a new spiritual and political world order which will replace the old ones under which we live right now.

What are the new world order plans?

They plan on the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible or worship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity. To achieve this plan, the new world order is changing national laws to assure that Christian beliefs and symbols:- like the cross, for instance, will become outlawed and unlawful. Religious holidays and ceremonies will be replaced with new age festivities around the world.

The elimination and complete destruction of all secret societies and secret brotherhoods, lodges and sanctuaries, all of which they view as the most serious threats to their survival after the implementation of the one world religion and one world government.

The new world order also plans the abolition of all national curriencies, and the transfer of commerce to electronic cash through the superhighway.

The thinkers and the basic doctrine of the new age conspiracies books are:

Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, who wrote "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine."

Alice A. Bailey who wrote "The Race and the Initiation and Externalization of the Heirarchy;" "Initiation: Human and Savior;" "The Reappearance of the Christ." (Their Christ is the new messiah). "The Destiny of the Nation," in which are plans for the disposition of the nation-states; "The Unfinished Autobiography;" "Disciplineship and the New Age;" "Esoteric Psychology."

These books are very important for new age thinkers who are exactly the ones who are conspiring to implement the New World Order.

Also, the writing of Nicola Roerich, who wrote, "Matraia," (that's their new messiah); "Shambala, The Resplendent," and "The Agni Yoga Series."

David Spangler who wrote, "Revelation: The Birth of a New Age," considered as the "bible" inside the new age movement; "Reflections on the Christ," which is related to the Luciferian initiation; "Links With Space," which maintains that off-world aliens are supposed to come to save earthlings from themselves; "Relationship and Identity," "The Love of Manifestation," "New Age Rifts," and "Toward a Planetary Vision," which is directly related to the visions of the new world order, as they plan it to be.

Now...what those people also plan - and I repeat, this is not a dream and is not paranoid thinking, this is real. They plan that in order to accept the new world order, all people must first accept the new age religion; to enter into the new world religion, the Christian will have to abdicate their own beliefs. So, as they said, the initiation will be on a worldwide basis inside the newly organized new Christian church (which will be a reorganized and strictly controlled Masonic temple) occult organization based on a Luciferian initiation. What we have to understand here is that no one will be able to maintain their old beliefs and, at the same time, enter into the new age religion. It will be impossible.

For those who will not accept the new world order, who will reject it, the new world order people have already built re-education concentration camps and, for those camps, they have established what they call the "rainbow classifications" of the new world order prisoners.

The rainbow is considered as the "bridge" leading to the Satanic empire of the new world order.

We already know, for instance, that everyone will have to take an oath to Lucifer in order to cross that bridge into the new age. All who resist that initiation will be sent to detention facilities where they will be separated into different categories, known as the rainbow classification of the new world order prisoners.

1. Classification of Christian children, as planned, is to be as human sacrifices where, within the black mass ceremonies, they will forced to participate in any kind of sexual orgies or be kept as sexual slaves.
2. Classification of prisoners to be used in medical experiments where drugs and new technologies will be tested on humans.

3. Classification of healthy prisoners for the International Organ Donation Center where vital organs will be removed one by one while they are kept alive by mechanical devices.

4. Classifiaction of all healthy underground worlkers. The new world order is basically a worldwide dictatorship based upon the Luciferian religion; a dictatorship with the illusion of democracy. In order to maintain the illusion of democracy, camps and slave labor will be hidden underground in massive colonies that are being built as we write this report.

5. Classification of "Uncertain Prisoners." In the international "re-education" center, political and religious prisoners will be re-educated (by whatever means are required) so that they may repent on international televison programs and glorify the virtues of the one world government for the benefit of all humanity.

6. Classification of the International Execution Center. Clear enough!

7. Classification seven. We are still waiting on the details of the Seventh Classification, and we are awaiting verification of the colors to be assigned to these classifications of prisoners, but this is the basic agenda of those who have planned the new "paradise" world of the future.

You must understand that when I decided to release, about six months ago, some of their plans and information concerning their most important project, which is the NASA Blue Beam Project, I wasn't certain if I would survive my stand against the new world order's plans to put down on their knees all of the world's cultures and religions.
But, now, following my own Christian conscience, my real and deep love for all my unknown brothers and sisters in America and throughout the world, I freely accept to give my life if it has to be the case for the truth, for Jesus Christ, by releasing for the first time, the four major steps of the Satanic Blue Beam Project.

I ask everyone who reads the following descriptions not to be paralyzed by their natural fears but to spread to everyone the contents of this special report, and to gather together in order to pray and to think and to organize ways to survive the new world order government show-down and power taking, because what we have to understand is that the new world government will not be something permanent, immortal; this is not the case. But what we have to do right now is how to organize to survive such Satanic plans.

The infamous NASA Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible.

I'll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible!

That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.

The first step concerns the breakdown of all archeological knowledge. It deals with the setup with artificially created earthquakes at certain precise locations on the planet where, supposedly, new discoveries will finally explain to all people the error of all fundamental religious doctrines. The falsifaction of this information will be used to make all nations believe that their religious doctrines have been misunderstood for centuries and misinterpreted. Psychological preparations for that first step have already been implemented with the film, "2001: A Space Oddessy;" the StarTrek series, and "Star Wars;" all of which deal with invasions from space and the coming together of all nations to repel the invaders. The last films, "Jurrassic Park," deals with the theories of evolution, and claim God's words are lies.

What is important to understand in the first step is that those earthquakes will hit at different parts of the world where scientific and archeological teachings have indicated that arcane mysteries have been buried. By those types of earthquakes, it will possible for scientists to re-discover those arcane mysteries which will be used to discredit all fundamental religious doctrines.

This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity because what they want to do is destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet. To do that, they need some false "proof" from the far past that will prove to all nations that their religions have all been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The second step involves a gigantic "space show" with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projection of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to predominating regional national religious faith.

This new "god's" voice will be speaking in all languages. In order to understand that, we must study various secret services' research done in the last 25 years. The Soviet's have perfected an advanced computer, even exported them, and fed them with the minute physio-psycological particulars based on their studies of the anatomy and electro-mechanical composition of the human body, and the studies of the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain.

These computers were fed, as well, with the languages of all human cultures and their meanings. The dialects of all cultures have been fed into the computers from statellite transmissions. The Soviets began to feed the computers with objective programs like the ones of the new messiah. It also seems that the Soviets - the new world order people - have resorted to suicidal methods with the human society by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture to indice suicidal thoughts if the person doesn't comply with the dictates of the new world order.

There are two different aspects of step two. The first is the "space show." Where does the space show come from? The space show, the holographic images will be used in a simulation of the ending during which all nations will be shown scenes which will be the fulfillment of that which they desire to verify the prophecies and adversary events. These will be projected from satellites onto the sodium layer about 60 miles above the earth. We see tests every once in a while, but they are called UFOs and "flying saucers."

The result of these deliberately staged events will be to show the world the new "christ," the new messiah, Matraia, for the immediate implementation of the new world religion. Enough truth will be foisted upon an unsuspecting world to hook them into the lie. "Even the most learned will be deceived."

The project has perfected the ability for some device to lift up an enormous number of people, as in a rapture, and whisk the entire group into a never-never land. We see tests of this device in the abduction of humans by those mysterious little alien greys. who snatch people out of their beds and through windows into waiting "mother ships."

The calculated resistance to the universal religion and the new messiah and the ensuing holy wars will result in the loss of human life on a scale never imagine before in all of human history.

The Blue Beam Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old, as major an event as that which occurred 2,000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale.

Computers will coordinate the satellites and software already in place will run the sky show. Holographic images are based on nearly identical signals combining to produce an image or hologram with deep perspective which is equally applicable to acoustic ELF, VLF and LF waves and optical phenomena.

Specifically, the show will consist of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to the specific national, regional religion. Not a single area will be excluded.

With computer animation and sounds appearing to emanate from the very depths of space, astonished ardent followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned messaihs in convincing lifelike reality.

Then the projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddah, Krishna, etc., will merge into one after correct explanations of the mysteries and revelations will have been disclosed. This one god will, in fact, be the antichrist, who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood and misinterpreted, and that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore old religions must be abolished to make way for the new age new world religion, representing the one god antichrist they see before them.

Naturally, this superbly staged falsification will result in dissolved social and religious disorder on a grand scale, each nation blaming the other for the deception, setting loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before.

In addition, this event will occur at a time of profound worldwide political anarchy and general tumult created by some worldwide catastrophe. The United Nation even now plans to use Beethovan's "Song of Joy" as the anthem for the introduction for the new age one world religion.

If we put this space show in parallel with the star wars program we get this: combination of electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis have also been the subject of intensive research. In 1974, for instance, researcher G. F. Shapits, said of one of the research proposals that, " this investigation it will be shown that the spoken words of the hypnotist may also be converted by electromagnetic energy directly and to the subconscious part of the human brain without employing any mechanical device for receiving or transcording the message, and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously. It may be expected that the rationized behavior will be considered to have been taken out of their own free will."

Anyone investigating so-called "channelling" phenomena right now would be wise to take this area of research into consideration. It will be noted that those who think of themselves as "channellers" has escalated rapidly since this type of research was conducted.

It is uncanny how similar their messages are, despite which entity they claim to be their source of divine guidance. It would suggest any individual considering the credibility of channelled information should be discerning and critically evaluate where the message they are receiving originates, and if the messages are specifically beneficially to the new world order.

The Sydney Morning newspaper published an item on March 21st, 1983 which announced that the Soviets were invading the human mind, the article having been submitted to the foreign editor by Doctor Nathan Abnuengy, assistant professor in the faculty of agriculture in Asia. It is worth quoting the article at length even though his grammer is a little old.

This article relates to the Soviets who created the supercomputer we were discussing earlier and which is really important because these types of
computers can be run through satellites and through space. The computers were fed with all the different languages and their meanings, the dialect of all peoples were fed to the computers with objective programs.

But we are no longer talking about the Soviets; we are talking about the United Nations, the minions of the new world order, who are feeding the computers with the necessary information.

The editor of the column in which the article appeared even states that the piece made points too important to ignore. I think it is possible that the persons who have created this mega-mind control program could sell the software to an organization and not be aware that the client might use the program and data to enslave all of humankind. Just imagine how far they have advanced since that article was published!

The advancement of techniques propel us toward the third step in the Blue Beam Project that goes along with the telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul.

Such rays from satellites are fed from the memories of computers that have stored massive data about every human on earth, and their languages. The rays will then interlace with their natural thinking to form what we call diffuse artifical thought.

That kind of technology goes into the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s research where the human brain has been compared to a computer. Information is fed in, processed, integrated and then a response is formulated and acted upon.

Mind controllers manipulate information the same way a computer for grammer manipulates information.

In January 1991, the University of Arizona hosted a conference entitled, "The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Current and Emergent Phenomena and Biomolecular Systems." What does that mean exactly?

It means this: We refer to one paper that was delivered at the conference which stands out for its different attitude towards the development under discussion at that time. It was, in effect, a protest and chilling warning to the attending scientists about the potential abuse of their research findings.

Their findings, of course, stated that the United States has already developed communications equipment which can make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. It can relieve the terminally ill from pain without the use of drugs or surgery. I'm not talking about science fiction.

A man might retain the use of all his faculties right up to the moment of his death. This communications equipment depends upon a completely new way of looking at the human brain and neuro-muscular systems and radiation pulses at ultra-low frequencies.

Some of this equipment is now operational within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation. It will never be used to make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk because it is central to the domestic political agenda and foreign policy of George Bush and his puppetmasters of the new world order.

Domestically, the new communications equipment is being used to torture and murder person who match profiles imagined to be able to screen a given population for terrorists; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote tolerance and peace and development in Central America; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations who oppose the development and deployment of nuclear weapons, and to create a race of slave cult automatons, or what is popularly called "the Manchurian Candidates."

Overseas experimentation is taking place on hostages held by the United States and Canada, Great Britian, Australia, Germany, Finland and France. Additionally, there has been a long series of bizarre suicides among British computer scientists, all of whom have had some connection to the United States Navy.

What it is possible to ask before such a psychology of terror is this: would any government, corporation or psychiatrist wilfully promote such horror today?

The answer is quite obviously, "Yes." Government agencies and the corporations that work with them toward new world order are prepared to promote anything that will help them achieve their objective of total social control.

As for the question of why: For one thing, if you terrify the public and make them fear for their safety, they will allow you to implement draconian law enforcement practice, disarm them and keep extensive records on them, and they only have to tell you that it is all to protect you, of course.

Secondly, it promotes the decay of the present democratic forms of political systems, and leads societies to search for alternative methods of political
ideology. Of course, the alternative has already been planned. It is called the new world order and it will not have your safety or interests at heart. As George Bush said: "Read my lips."

Fear has always been used by powerful elite to control and subjugate the masses. The old maxim, divide and conquer is being played out to the limit worldwide to ensure that everyone is frightened for their personal safety, and to be suspicious of everyone else. This, too, is mind control.

To go further in regard to the new technology which is at the base of the NASA Blue Beam Project, we have to consider this statement by psychologist James V. McConnell which was published in a 1970s issue of Psychology Today. He said, "The day has come when we can combine sensory deprevation with drug hypnosis and astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control over an individual's behavior. It should then be possible to achieve a very rapid and highly effective type of positive brainwashing that would allow us to make dramatic changes in a person's behavior and personality."

Now, when we talked before about that kind of ray and the telpathic and electronically augmented communication, the kind of rays that are fed from the memories of computers which store massive data about humans, human language and dialects, and we said that the people will be reached from within, making each person to believe that his own god is speaking directly from within his or her own soul, we refer to that kind of technology and that kind of thinking that same psychologist was espousing, that is: we should be trained from birth that we should all do what society wants us to do rather than what we want to do for ourselves; that because they have the technology to do it, no one should now be allowed to have their own individual personality.

This statement and these ideas are important because it is the basic teaching of the United Nations that no one owns his or her own personality. And that same psycologist claims that no one has any say-so about the kind of personality they acquire and there is no reason to believe you have the right to refuse to acquire a new personality if your old personality is considered "antisocial."

What is important in this declaration is that the new world order will be set up over the current system, meaning the old way of thinking and behavior and religion will be considered the "old" and incorrect way of thinking and that they can change it at one of the eradication camps of the United Nations to make sure that anyone with this "antisocial" behavior will be disposed of quickly so that other modified individuals will be able to fulfill the needs and agendas of the new world order without being distracted by the truth.

Could this be the greatest mind control project ever? The NASA Blue Beam Project is the prime directive for the new world order's absolute control over the populations of the entire earth. I would suggest you investigate this information carefully before dismissing it as fanatic lunacy.

If we go further in the different reports we have presented, we find that the mind control operations and technology include a transmitter that broadcasts at the same frequency as the human nervous system, which transmitter is manufactured by the Loral Electro-Optical System in Pasadena, California.

Loral, a major defense contractor, has previously conducted research on directed energy weapons for Lt. Gen. Leonard Perez of the U. S. Airforce who was searching for a weapon that could implant messages into the minds of the enemy while urging his own troops on to superhuman deeds of valor!

The device employs electromagnetic radiation of gigahertz frequencies pulsed at extremely low frequencies (ELF). It is used to torture people both physically and mentally from a distance. Weapons of this type are thought to have been used against a British woman protesting the presence of American Cruise Missiles at Greenham Common Airbase during the 1970s.

This weapon can be used to induce total sensory deprevation by broadcasting signals into the auditory nerve at such high power that it blocks the ability of the individual to hear themselves think!

The process employed by such ELF technology are described in various U. S. Defense Department publications, including one entitled, " The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict," by Captain Paul E. Tyler, Medical Commandant, U. S. Navy, which is included in a collection entitled, "Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict," by Lt. Col David G. Dean, USAF.

The paper was delivered in 1984 and the collection published 1986 by Air University Press, Maxwell Airforce Base, Alabama.

Another pulse microwave device can deliver audible signals directly to an individual while remaining undetectable to anyone else. The technology is very simple and can be built by using an ordinary police radar gun. The microwave beam generated by the device is modulated at audio frequencies and can broadcast messages directly into the brain.

Now here we come to the NASA Blue Beam Project. The broadcasting of subliminal two-way communication and images from the depths of space correspond directly to that kind of technology.

In his book, "The Body Electric," Nobel Prize nominee Robert Baker describes a series of experiments conducted in the early 1960s by Allen Frie where this phenomena was demonstrated as well as later experiments conducted in 1973 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp who personally underwent tests in which he proved he could hear and understand messages delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed microwave audiogram which is an analog of the word's sound vibration beamed into his brain.

Baker then goes on to state, "Such a device has obvious application for covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with unknown voices or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin."

Now figure out when we hear that voice from the new world messiah who would be speaking from space to all of the sane people of the earth who might give instructions to zealots and religious fanatics, we would see hysteria and social mayhem on a scale never witnessed before on this planet.

No police forces in the world, even as a combined front, could deal with the disorder that will follow!

A 1978 book entitled, "Microwave Auditory Effect and Application," by James C. Lynn describes how audible voices can be broadcast directly into the brain. This technology could actually allow the blind to see and the deaf to hear. Instead, it has been turned into a weapon to enslave the world.

Allen Frie also reports that he could speed up, slow down or stop the hearts of isolated frogs by synchronizing the pulsed rate of a microwave beam with the heart itself.

According to Robert Baker, similar results have been obtained using live frogs, which shows that it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks with rays designed to penetrate the human chest.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Both the author of this report and his colleague died of "heart attacks" only days apart one in Canada and the other while visiting Ireland. Neither had a history of heart problems.

I should mention also that Dr. Baker does NOT participate in such research.

It has been demonstrated that focused ultra high frequency UHF electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce considerable agitation and muscular activity or induce muscular weakness and lethargy.

Microwaves can also be used to burn human skin and aid the effect of drugs, bacteria and poisons or affect the function of the entire brain. These effects were all revealed at length by the CIA on September 21, 1977 in testimony before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb . who directed the MK-Ultra program at that time was forced to discussed the scope of the CIA's research to find techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.

So this is something that exists right now, that has been pursued to its highest degree, that can be used from space to reach any person, anyplace on the face of the earth.

If we go deeper in that process of mind control over the people we find that the equipment and technology has been used to influence politics in a much more direct fashion.

Michael Dukakis, the Democrat candidate running against George Bush in the 1988 election was targeted with microwave technology in order to impede his public speaking performance once the the public opinion polls showed he posed a serious threat to Bush's election prospects.

He also claims that the equipment was used against Kitty Dukakis and drove her to the brink of suicide.

In the Disneyland world of U. S. politics, a presidential candidate with problems such as these, would obviously lose their race to the White House.

In the December 1980 edition of the U. S. Army Journal, called the Military Review, a column by Lt. Col John B. Alexander, entitled, "The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up, Spock," provides further insight into the technical capabilities at the disposal of the comptroller. He writes, "Several examples will demonstrate areas in which progress have been made. The transferrence of energy from one organism to another; the ability to heal or cause disease to be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death from no apparent cause; telepathic behavior modification which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to a distance of 1,000 kilometers have been reported. The use of telepathic hypnosis also holds great potential. This capability could allow agents to be deeply planted with no conscious knowledge of their programming. In movie terms, the Manchurian Candidate lives, and does not even require a telephone call.

"Other mind-to-mind induction techniques are being considered. If perfected this capability could allow the direct transferrence of thought via telepathy from one mind or group of minds to a select target audience. The unique factor is that the recipient will not be aware that thought has been implanted from an external source. He or she will believe the thoughts are original."

This is exactly what we were talking about.

The third step in the NASA Blue Beam Project is called the Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication. Lt. Col Alexander's article continues: "If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual's only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries."

Once again, it is wise to consider how television, advertising, modern education and various types of social pressure are used to manipulate those boundaries.

It has been reported by Lt. Col Alexander who said, in the summary of his Military Review article, "The information on those kinds of technologies presented here would be considered by some to be ridiculous since it does not conform to their view of reality. But some people still believe the world is flat."

Now, this means a lot, because if people do not believe this kind of technology is possible, or that it is science fiction, those people put themselves in great jeopardy, because on the night when those thousand stars will shine from space, during the night when the new messiah will be presented to the world, they will not be prepared and will have no time to prepare to save themselves against that kind of technology. They don't believe and they won't take time to prepare.

Step Four of the NASA Blue Beam Project

The fourth step concerns the universal supernatural manifestation with electronic means. It contains three different orientations. One is to make mankind believe that an alien (off-world) invasion is about to occur at every major city on earth in order to provoke each major nation to use its nuclear weapons in order to strike back. This way, the United Nations Court will require that all those nations which launched nuclear weapons to disarm when the invasion is shown to have been false.

And how will the United Nations know that the invasion was false? They will have staged it, of course.

The second is to make the Christians believe that the rapture is going to occur with the supposed divine intervention of an alien (offworld) civilization coming to rescue earthlings from a savage and merciless demon. Its goal will be to dispose of all significant opposition to the implementation of the new world order in one major stroke, actually within hours of the beginning of the sky show!

The third orientation in the fourth step is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves used at that time will allow "supernatural forces" to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded chips will already be in place. The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders.

After the night of the thousand stars, worldwide populations will ready for the new messiah to re-estabish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.

The techniques used in the fourth step is exactly the same usd in the past in the USSR to force the people to accept Communism. The same technique will be used by the United Nations to implement the new world religion and the new world order.

A lot of people ask when this is going to happen and how they will accomplish the visons of the night of a thousand stars, and the events that will point to the days when it will begin.

According to the many reports we have received, we believe it will begin with some kind of worldwide economic disaster. Not a complete crash, but enough to allow them to introduce some kind of in-between currency before they introduce their electronic cash to replace all paper or plastic money.

The in-between currency will be used to force anyone with savings to spend or turn in their cash because they understand that people who have money and are not dependent upon them might be the very ones who will mount an insurrection against them. If everyone is broke, no one can fund a war of any kind, paper currency will cease to exist. This is one of the first signs.

But to implement the worldwide electronic money system, everyone in the world who might have money in the future, will have to have a way to transfer money electronically. Before that time, everyone will have spent, before the year 2,000, all of their cash, reserves and assets. Everyone has to be 100% dependent upon the Council for their existence.

To prevent any kind of independence, the new world order has already implanted micro chips in wild animals, birds, fish, etc. Why? They want to make certain that the people who will not accept the new world order will not be able to hunt or fish any where in the world. If they try, they will be tracked and traced by satellites, then hunted down and imprisoned or killed.

The new world order is already changing the laws of all nations to make everyone dependent upon a single food and vitamin supply. They are changing laws about religion and psychiatric disorders in order to identify anyone who is potentially threatening to the NWO. Those who are found defective will be sent to eradication camps where their organs will be taken and sold to the highest bidders. Those who are not killed outright will be used as slave labor or used in medical experiments.

The goal of a dictatorship is to control everyone, everywhere on the planet, ruthlessly and without exception.

That's why the new technology being introduced everywhere is a technology for the control of the people. The technology of the 1940s and 1950s was used to help the people have an easier and more productive life. The new technology is designed and built to track down and control people everywhere. This technology is being manufactured for a specific purpose and to refuse to see and recognize that purpose , which is to enslave the entire populations of the world, is to deny the emergence of the antichrist and the establishment of the new world order religion and government.

If you cannot see, if you cannot learn, if you cannot understand, then you and your family and friends will succumb to the fires of the crematoria that have been built in every state and every major city on earth, built to deal with you.

No one is safe in a totalitarian police state!


The author of this report and his colleague were both killed only weeks apart; one in Canada and the other while visiting Ireland. Now we must carry on their work.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Will This Be Planet X (with thanks too planetkrejci )

Youtube user planetkrejci, who has investigated other anomalies on NASA pictures, claims the object - found using the Google website which transports the heavens to desktop computers and smartphones - is an asteroid which is heading towards Earth.
He says the asteroid - which, if real, has not been spotted by other scientists or astronomers - has only appeared recently on Google Sky, which receives updated images every few months Announcing his find on YouTube, he says the black object, mottled with green spots, is so clear that it must be within the solar system.
The user had been exploring the region a few months earlier, and had 'bookmarked' a spot just to the left of the asteroid - so he is certain the object was not there previously.One thing that planekrejci does not substantiate is his claim that the object is moving towards the Earth, as it is not apparent how this calculation could be obtained without more information than the image provides.
However, if planetkrejci has found a new object, it will be quite an achievement for an earth-bound Internet user to discover a new object in our solar system before NASA or other observatories.
The object is easy to find on Google Sky, by typing in the co-ordinates 5h 11m 33.74s -12 50' 30.09" - although conspiracy theorists might read something into the fact that the search function on Google Sky is currently down...

So one thing we can be sure of is this if NASA does know about this they are very ,very quiet and the governments of ALL the main countries know about this but keep schtoom ,we are the sheeple and they will only inform us when they are safe in their underground bunkers "if we are lucky" they may not of course because to cut down the people of the world is one aim of the NWO this is why they have no worries about immigration because the masses will get slain in every country.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The State of the UK

(bearing in mind they worked hard and paid their Income Tax and
National Insurance contributions to the British Government all their
working life)

Weekly allowance: £106.00?

(No Income Tax and National Insurance contribution whatsoever)

Weekly allowance: £250.00

Weekly Spouse Allowance: £25.00?

Weekly Spouse Allowance: £225.00

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00?

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00

A British old age pensioner is no less hard up than an illegal
immigrant/refugee yet receives nothing



Please read all and then forward to all your contacts so that we can
lobby for a decent state pension.

After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the
growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.

Sad isn't it? Surely it's about time we put our own people first.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Final Countdown ,Proof The Final Days Of Planet Earth

When you buy a house, you end up feeling like you will be paying it off until the world ends.
Well, how about one of these luxurious condos, which come with all the mod-cons, as well as a pool, a movie theater and a library - oh, and a guarantee that it will survive Doomsday if and when that fateful day comes.
For these luxury flats, deep below the Kansas prairie in the shaft of an abandoned missile silo, are meant to withstand everything from economic collapse and solar flares to terrorist attacks and pandemics.
Naturally, there will be no one around to phone if the guarantee fails - but at that point, the insurance will probably be the least of your worries.
So far, four buyers have thrown down a total of about $7million (£4.4m) for havens to flee to when disaster happens or the end is nigh. And developer Larry Hall has options to retro-fit three more Cold War-era silos when this one fills up.
Hall said: 'They worry about events ranging from solar flares, to economic collapse, to pandemics to terrorism to food shortages.'
These 'doomsday preppers', as they are called, want a safe place and he will be there with them because Hall, 55, bought one of the condos for himself. He says his fear is that sun flares could wipe out the power grid and cause chaos.
He and his wife and son live in Denver and will use their condo mostly as a vacation home, he says, but if the grid goes, they will be ready.
Hall isn't the first person to buy an abandoned nuclear missile silo and transform at least part of it into a shelter.
Built to withstand an atomic blast, even the most paranoid can find comfort inside concrete walls that are nine feet thick and stretch 174 feet (53 meters) underground.
Instead of simply setting up shop in the old living quarters provided for missile operators, Hall is building condos right up the missile shaft.
Seven of the 14 underground floors will be condo space selling for $2 million a floor or $1 million a half floor. Three and a half units have been sold, two contracts are pending and only two more full units are available, Hall said.
Giant underground water tanks will hold water pre-filtered through carbon and sand. And, of course, an elaborate security system and staff will keep marauding hordes out.
The condo elevator will only operate if a person's fingerprint matches its system, Hall said. Cameras will monitor a barbed-wire topped fence and give plenty of warning of possible intruders. Responses can range from a warning to lethal force.'If they try to climb the fence we can stun them,' he said. 'If they want to break into the system, we can put an end to that.'
Doomsday fears have flourished throughout history, but what once involved isolated pockets of fear now spreads worldwide through the media and Internet.He is working to finish an 1,800 square-foot (167 square-meter) unit for a wealthy businesswoman with two teen children.
They have also expanded into the popular culture thanks to the success of dystopian fantasies like the Hunger Games and a National Geographic reality show about those preparing for doomsday.
So the rich are getting ready for the final end and what about us the ones who put the "Rich" where they are now ,we will not get the same warnings as them we will be warned when its too late to hide .
Interested buyers have included an NFL player, a racing car driver, a movie producer and famous politicians, he said, but he now requires all the money up front.
Four people who put down $250,000 deposits could not come up with the rest and he returned the deposits, but the economy is getting better and global warming, strange weather and disasters are stoking fears.
The recent earthquakes in Mexico prompted several calls from potential buyers, he said, predicting more bad things will happen and more silos will be waiting.
About 70 Atlas-F silos were built and he has options on three more of them, he said.
'One is an entire silo for one individual, but I won't know that until his check clears the bank,' Hall said.THERE ARE POLITICIANS TOO WHAT DO THEY KNOW WE DONT

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Interview With Anonymous UK.

With All the latest Anonymous activity in the Media i have managed to get an interview with Anonymous UK. And these people need the backing of the less computer literate people off the streets ,general public, viva Anon keep it up.

Interviewer ....Having seen all the Anonymous tweets from various different anons
do you know how may there actually are and do they all have the same

Anonymous UK...Given how the numbers vary on different operations as well as the fact that anons can have multiple accounts on various sites, I'd say it's impossible to tell how many there are.
Some significant numbers have been shown at various points. Back in February 2008, over 9000 anons (and that isn't just a meme reference) attended worldwide protests against the Cult of Scientology. In 2012 we saw thousands of anons using the LOIC to bring down sites in retaliation to the MegaUpload takedown. But these are only the people taking part in one operation at one time. The number's growing by the day, and all it takes is someone to put on the mask, sign their message as Anonymous, or take part in an operation, and that's another.

We definitely don't all have the same aims. There are some generally shared ideals: freedom, anti-censorship, anti-suppression. But nothing is universally supported, and many ops may only be supported by a minority, but that doesn't matter - all it takes is enough people to be on board.

Interviewer... What is the overall aim for Anonymous
I wouldn't say there's an overall aim beyond the basic concepts: Ideas are judged on the merit of the idea alone and not on the author. Everyone is free to do what they want, there are no leaders. And always do it for the lulz.

Interviwer..what is your opinion of the recent arrests and deportation of
British subjects to America

Anonymous UK...The extradition treaty is ridiculous and unbalanced. The US does not need to prove anything to the UK court for an extradition, whereas the UK would need to in order to request extradition of a US citizen. We shouldn't forget that these laws were developed with the excuse of terrorism, so to use them for supposed copyright infringement is laughable. But that's an all too familiar thing - laws designed for violence and terrorism are also used by police for policing protests.

The extradition of UK citizens when the crime didn't even take place in the US is taking it even further. If they are in the UK, they should be held accountable to UK law and get a UK trial. For example, Richard O'Dwyer's case got dropped by UK prosecutors because what he did isn't illegal - he didn't host copyrighted content, his site just contained links. However, he is still being extradited under US laws even though he and his site were in the UK.

Interviewer...Do you all have the neccesary skills for hacking into major banks
> in the Uk
Anonymous UK...We don't all have the necessary skills for that, some of us may do. We'd only know for sure if and when Anonymous decides to do so.

Interviewer...personally i agree with the latest attacks on what you are doing
> but why are you doing them
Anonymous UK....That depends which attacks you mean. There are attacks on many companies which deal with copyrights due to their support for laws such as ACTA, which would be a lethal blow to internet freedom, free speech and would introduce major surveillance and censorship just so that these companies can protect an antiquated system of making profits.
There have been attacks on law enforcement agencies for various reasons - such as the seizing of megaupload and surrounding arrests, the arrests of Anonymous members, the tactics used against protesters.
There have also been attacks on various other targets, some because of their actions, some simply for the lulz. There is a lot more to Anonymous than simply taking down sites, however.

Interviewer.. what is your personal opinion on Sabu i know he has children but the
Feds can't possibly do anything detrimental to them so why did he turn.
Anonymous UK....He faced spending his life in prison. I imagine that would be enough to swing many people, especially those with kids. It's very hard to say when we don't know what they said to him or the circumstances, but it's very easy for people to say they wouldn't crack under those circumstances, until they face it themselves. My opinion is that if someone knows enough about you to turn you in, you're doing it wrong. there a final end game like the final act type of thing for
Anonymous UK...Nope. Anonymous will continue so long as people wish to act under the Anonymous name.

Interviwer...Do you believe in the NWO
Anonymous UK....There are many incarnations of what people believe the NWO to be floating around the web. I personally don't, but think that if such a thing did exist there wouldn't be the evidence available to convince me.

Interviewer...When did Anonymous get together and was it through disillusionment
with the Recklesness of the Governments around the world
Anonymous UK...Anonymous's origins had nothing to do with governments or the state of the world. Anonymous came from the dark corners of the internet. E.g. 4chan. It moved on from small lulzy operations (habbo raids, attacking other sites/chans, lots and lots of trolling) to big things when Project Chanology began, the worldwide war on the Cult of Scientology which continues today. An increasing number of operations of various sizes using various methods have followed, and Anonymous has developed and grown ever since, now representing the most diverse range of projects and operations we've ever had.

Interviwer..The greed of the nations ,do you think the governments are
controlled by major people ie..rockefellers, rothchildes etc
Anonymous UK...I do believe that the money pulls the strings, and that modern democracies in the UK/US for example don't work to sufficiently represent the people.

Interviewer..Bank of england do you know who actually owns it and is it possible
to hack into .
Anonymous UK...I'm not sure who you mean by who owns it, and don't know how possible any part of it would be to hack into

Interviewer.. Any other questions that would be of interest to a conspiracy
> theory website .

What type of computer systems do you run ,

Anonymous UK.....Different anons run different systems, though I expect that Windows / Linux are the preferred options for most. there a meeting point for Anonymous

Anonymous UK.....There are many meeting points for different cells and operations. Various websites, IRC (chat) channels, imageboards etc. you know each other off the internet

Anonymous UK....Some of us do, especially those involved in IRL activities.

Interviewer.....and did you actually meet on 4chan

Anonymous UK.....There's no 'meeting' on 4chan really, since everyone's Anonymous, but operations can be planned on 4chan, and people can be directed to various sites or chats from 4chan. As mentioned earlier, the first major project did originate from 4chan.

Thank you Very Much Anonymous UK and keep up with the Work your doing Some of us back what your doing and appreciate it.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Near Miss or Wishful Thinking , Look up and Be Prepared to Duck

A 150-foot asteroid orbiting Earth called 2012 DA14 will pass so close to Earth it will fly UNDER man-made satellites orbiting our planet.

Nasa's Impact Risk report said that the odds of the space rock actually hitting our planet are very low indeed - but on February 15 next year it will pass just 17,000 miles from Earth, closer than 'geostationary' satellites.

If an asteroid of that size hit our planet, it would cause an explosion similar to a nuclear blast.

I for one do not trust NASA as they are not very observant ,and more government sided as in they would warn certain people but not the masses ,to leave our very lives in the hands of these people is nothing but lunacy,Two astronomers from the the Observatorio AstronĂ³mico de La Sagra in Spain spotted 2012 DA14 in late February and its orbit has been calculated to be very similar to Earth’s.

Some reports suggested that on February 15 next year an impact was a possibility, but U.S astronomer Phil Plait, the creator of the Bad Astronomy blog, has ruled out an impact.

He wrote: ‘Asteroid 2012 DA14 is almost certainly not going to hit Earth next February. And by “almost certainly”, I mean it. The odds of an impact are so low they are essentially zero. This does not rule out an impact at some future date, but for now we’re safe.’ Now how much of that comment is believable sounds just like a well rehersed speech and hopeful thinking ,The space rock will come within 17,000 miles of Earth, which is closer than some of our satellites, but Plait says this is nothing to worry about.

He adds: ‘Seventeen thousand miles is well beneath many of our own orbiting satellites. To the best of my knowledge, this is the closest pass of a decent-sized asteroid ever seen before the actual pass itself. However, let’s again be very clear - it will miss. In astronomical terms, 17,000 miles is pretty close, but in real human terms it’s a clean miss.’

After next year, 2012 DA14’s closest brush with Earth will come in 2020, but Plait said that even then the odds of an impact will be less than the chance of being hit by lightning in your lifetime – 1 in 100,000.

Last night a space rock caused panic across the UK, with police forces inundates with calls after spotting it in the sky and mistaking it for a burning aircraft.

Police forces across the UK were inundated with calls last night after a large fireball, thought to be a meteor, was spotted in the sky.

Reports of a 'bright light' and an 'orange glow' were received by police across Scotland and the north of England at about 9.40pm yesterday.

The Met Office tweeted: 'Hi all, for anyone seeing something in the night sky, we believe it was a meteorite.'

The Kielder Observatory also reported the sighting of a 'huge fireball' travelling from north to south over Northumberland.
There seems to be a lot of meteorites lately and im not too confident we are being given all the information ......

Friday, 27 January 2012

A small asteroid the size of a city bus zoomed between Earth and the moon's orbit Friday, just days after its discovery, but it never posed a threat to our planet, NASA says.

The asteroid 2012 BX34 passed within 36,750 miles (59,044 kilometers) of Earth when it made its closest approach at 10:30 a.m. ET. The space rock is about 37 feet (11 meters) wide and would have broken apart in Earth's atmosphere long before it reached the ground, if it had reached the planet at all, NASA scientists said.

"Asteroid 2012 BX34 is small," astronomers with NASA's Asteroid Watch at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.,
Yes NASA but haven't you forgotten to tell us about the Asteroid that is actually due to "pass" very ,very close on of all days 21st December 2012.....GULP
an asteroid will come very close to earth on December 21, 2012. This asteroid is called Toutatis, and it will pass what is, in astrological terms, quite close to the earth. It will be, at its closest, about 4,140,000 miles from the earth. That’s about 18 times the distance of the earth to the moon. As you can see, while this is close in astrological terms, it’s not really that close to the earth, and scientists do not consider it a "serious" threat at all. It will not hit the earth. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t asteroids out there that scientists haven’t noticed yet that will pass close to the earth, but so far, this isn’t the case.

However, while the asteroid Toutatis "may" not hit the earth in 2012, there is an asteroid that will come much closer in April of 2027. This asteroid, which has been named Apophis, will actually be less than 22,000 miles from the earth. In fact, scientists have plotted its course as passing between the earth and the moon. What effect will this have on the earth? No one is certain at the moment, but it could cause some significant issues, especially if something causes the asteroid to go slightly off course. It could impact earth if that occurs. However, again, this is an asteroid that will not be near earth until 2027; it’s not the same as the one featured in the many asteroid 2012 theories.

Scientists are trying to find a way to protect Earth from the giant rocks which travel around the Milky Way.

Run out of Berlin with funds from the EU, the NEOShield project, which will look for a way to protect earth from the space rocks, is expected to take three years to complete.

Some of the ideas being tossed around at the moment include repelling asteroids with projectiles or explosives or using gravity to change its course. The project though is a little late as a chunk of rock 400 times the City of London is set to hurtle closer than a rock of its size has in a very long time.

The asteroid labelled ‘(433) Eros’ measures 19 by 8 by 8 miles and is set to pass by next week.

Despite its massive size, the cosmic rock shouldn’t be too cause too much of a threat as it is on a circular path far outside the moon's orbit.

A smaller bus-sized asteroid is also set to pass extremely close to Earth today.

Meanwhile this is what NASA says about EROS .
The asteroids capable of causing a global disaster if they hit the Earth are extremely rare. They probably would need to be about a kilometer or more in diameter. Such bodies impact the Earth only once every 100,000 years on average. Other objects of a similar size, such as comets, impact even less frequently, perhaps once every 500,000 years or so.
Errr not putting to fine a point on it but when did the last Asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago can we allow for error timewise because by then it will be too late considering that NASA the ones who we trust with our safety FAILED to notice the last 2 meteors that came very close to us .They will have just enough time to inform the rich and people who have paid to be somewhere else ie The Rothechilds ,Rockerfellers,and other members of the Illuminati (there is no denying they do exist),We will be the last to know so every penny has been screwed out of us before we die=

Sunday, 22 January 2012

GlobalLulz (Anonymous) vs The United States Government

So they have started to take down members of Anon ,if the sheeple look closer into this the USA and the UK are starting to get scared ,what "DO" they have to hide where they arrest and deport people from all over the world to America there are 2 from the UK so far who might or might not have connections to ANON ,the latest conspiracy is that the powers that be do not like the information readily available from conspiracy websites people are getting to close to the truth ,it is already a well known "TRUTH" that Adolph Hitlers Grandfather was part of the Illuminati ,also that Illuminati members are in top Government positions ALL over the world and the EU is a major part of the NWO where Germany are trying to finish what was started nearly 70 yrs ago with the help of France .The internet is a major way of governments keeping control BUT its also a way of losing control of the masses ,WHO really runs the world ,what is the truth about 2012 ,already the excuses has started about "globalwarning" and the money that is "gathered" from that ,it certainly doesn't go back into the economy,how about all the volcanic action we are witnessing is that just as they say "we are only noticing it because of the internet and easy access", i dont think so Germanies Supervolcanoe is showing signs of life ,earthquakes are destroying everything ,tsunamis are happening ,there has been a lot of work done on "seedvaults" in places that are unreachable to the common man , is this all a coincidence . THE GOVERNMENT KNOW AND THEY ARE RUNNING THE SHOW .Anon are trying to even the balance ,these aren't the bad guys but we know who are.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A sleeping super-volcano in Germany is showing worrying signs of waking up.

It's lurking just 390 miles away underneath the tranquil Laacher See lake near Bonn and is capable of ejecting billions of tons of magma.

This monster erupts every 10 to 12,000 years and last went off 12,900 years ago, so it could blow at any time.
It covered 620 square miles of land with ash and rocks and several small earthquakes in the region last year indicate that it could be awakening from its deep sleep.
Experts believe that if it did go off, it could lead to widespread devastation, mass evacuations and even short-term global cooling from the resulting ash cloud blocking the sun.

The effect on the UK is hard to predict but it’s possible that large parts of southern England could be covered ash.
It’s thought that the volcano is similar in size and power to Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which blew in 1991 and became the biggest eruption of the 20th century.

It ejected 10 billion tons of magma, 20 billion tons of sulphur dioxide 16 cubic kilometres of ash and caused a 0.5C drop in global temperatures.

Volcanologists believe that the Laacher See volcano is still active as carbon dioxide is bubbling up to the lake’s surface, which indicates that the magma chamber below is 'degassing'.

The Final Countdown

The End Of The World Countdown List
7 reasons the world will end in 2012

Scientific experts from around the world are genuinely predicting that five years from now, all life on Earth could well finish. Some are saying it’ll be humans that set it off. Others believe that a natural phenomenon will be the cause. And the religious folks are saying it’ll be God himself who presses the stop button…

1. Mayan Calendar

The first mob to predict 2012 as the end of the world were the Mayans, a bloodthirsty race that were good at two things:

Building highly accurate astrological equipment out of stone and Sacrificing Virgins.

Thousands of years ago they managed to calculate the length of the lunar moon as 329.53020 days, only 34 seconds out. The Mayan calendar predicts that the Earth will end on December 21, 2012. Given that they were pretty close to the mark with the lunar cycle, it’s likely they’ve got the end of the world right as well.

2. Sun Storms

Solar experts from around the world monitoring the sun have made a startling discovery: our sun is in a bit of strife. The energy output of the sun is, like most things in nature, cyclic, and it’s supposed to be in the middle of a period of relative stability. However, recent solar storms have been bombarding the Earth with so much radiation energy, it’s been knocking out power grids and destroying satellites. This activity is predicted to get worse, and calculations suggest it’ll reach its deadly peak sometime in 2012

3. The Atom Smasher

Scientists in Europe have been building the world’s largest particle accelerator. Basically its a 27km tunnel designed to smash atoms together to find out what makes the Universe tick. However, the mega-gadget has caused serious concern, with some scientists suggesting that it’s properly even a bad idea to turn it on in the first place. They’re predicting all manner of deadly results, including mini black holes. So when this machine is fired up for its first serious experiment in 2012, the world could be crushed into a super-dense blob the size of a basketball.

4. The Bible says…

If having scientists warning us about the end of the world isn’t bad enough,religious folks are getting in on the act aswell. Interpretations of the Christian Bible reveal that the date for Armageddon, the final battle between Good an Evil, has been set down for 2012. The I Ching, also known as the Chinese book of Changes, says the same thing, as do various sections of the Hindu teachings.

5. Super Volcano

Yellowstone National Park in the United States is famous for its thermal springs and Old Faithful geyser. The reason for this is simple – it’s sitting on top of the world’s biggest volcano, and geological experts are beginning to get nervous sweats. The Yellowstone volcano has a pattern of erupting every 650,000 years or so, and we’re many years overdue for an explosion that will fill the atmosphere with ash, blocking the sun and plunging the Earth into a frozen winter that could last up to 15,000 years. The pressure under the Yellowstone is building steadily, and geologists have set 2012 as a likely date for the big bang.

6. The Physicists

This one’s case of bog-simple maths mathematics. Physicists at Berekely Uni have been crunching the numbers. and they’ve determined that the Earth is well overdue for a major catastrophic event. Even worse, they’re claiming their calculations prove, that we’re all going to die, very soon – while also saying their prediction comes with a certainty of 99 percent- and 2012 just happens to be the best guess as to when it occurs.

7. Slip-Slop-Slap- BANG!

We all know the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that sheilds us from most of the sun’s radiation. What you might not know is that the magnetic poles we call north and south have a nasty habit of swapping places every 750,000 years or so – and right now we’re about 30,000 years overdue. Scientists have noted that the poles are drifting apart roughly 20-30kms each year, much faster than ever before, which points to a pole-shift being right around the corner. While the pole shift is underway, the magnetic field is disrupted and will eventually disappear, sometimes for up to 100 years. The result is enough UV outdoors to crisp your skin in seconds, killing everything it touches.Earth's magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds linked to mysterious bird deaths.

2012- Is this the end

Europe's biggest volcano, Mount Etna, has erupted spewing lava and an ash cloud 5,000 metres into the air.

The volcano, on the island of Sicily in southern Italy, saw lava flowing down its sides as it woke from its slumber.

2012 End Of The World - End Of The World 2012

If the Mayans are in fact referring to a catastrophic end of the world event in December of 2012, just what are the possibilities? Well, they could include the following:

THE SUN - This one is the most likely. Scientists predict that a massive solar flare is long overdue. The kind that could knock us into the stone age by taking out the power grid occurs about every 150 years, and solar activity is expected very high over the next few years.

PLANET X - If there is a "Planet X" returning from its "comet like" orbit, then we could be in trouble. The good news is that it's a million to 1 shot (at most).

POLE SHIFT - This happens every so often (in geological terms), but would this necessarily be a catastrophic event? Again, not likely, it would be more of a nuisance with all of the navigation devices that would have to be re-calibrated.

CRUST SHIFT - This happens on a regular basis. (think earth quakes) However, if it suddenly happened on a massive scale, look out! This already seems to be occurring, and the earth quakes (such as the recent Japan quake) also seem to be more intense and more frequent.

POLITICAL STRIFE - Political upheaval in 2012? I'm politically active so I'm actually looking forward to this one. This could start getting real interesting especially if you've been following all of the New World Order conspiracies.

THE TRIBULATION - I don't want to get preachy, but the sand is almost out of the hourglass on this world age. This is very possible by 2012. Just remember, when you here that HE has returned, it's actually the false one. (this great deception/tribulation must come first)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Double-crossed Yet Again By the Royal Family

The Queen of England has told Turkish diplomats that the government will help Turkey get into the European Union, according to reports. That would mean that over 70 million Turkish muslims would have the right to come and live and work in Britain, where the population is only about 62 million, several million of whom are muslims already.
Now why would she do this ,when our Island is so overcrowded already doesnt she know the feelings of her subjects, or is it true what everyone has said "she doesnt have a clue how the common people live and you only have too look at her misfit family to see what they are really like ,all they can do is fleece the taxpayer" ,what a world we live in when the rich are powerful and can walk over us "plebs" as they so like calling us ,how can we afford too throw away money on these fools when all they do is take us all for a ride.
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