2012 .........TRUTH or FICTION

2012 see blog archives for details

Is this true will the world end on the 21st december 2012 ,unfortunatley for us a lot of top scientists believe so, that something big will happen that there is a planet x on a collision course with planet earth, that there is a rather large meteorite thats going to play snooker with us , the proof is nowhere to be found ,unless of course the extra planetary activity ongoing at the moment volcanos erupting ,tsunamis , famine , disease ,earthquakes.
Maybe yellowstone will rear its head and blow its cork supervolcanos have never in human existance been heard ,the larva and ash apparently will cover the whole of the USA and also affect the sunlight ,air temp and many other things and bring along another ice age ,hmm ok that will help the global warming ,do the governments know something we don't why have the norwegian government built a secret? tunnel that can house thousands and thousands of people is it really a seed vault or something else ,what is expected to happen that all the seeds of all the different types of plants need to be stored ,why is there a secret passageway leading to a undisclosed airfield from the houses of parliement , why are there plans being drawn up for a doomsday ark on the moon ,
will it be the end or just the beginning ,maybe just maybe it will be 4 days before christmas and another money spending expensive day .

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