Friday, 1 March 2013

PoleShift Will Soon Be Amongst US

>Every day people go through their lives unaware of the forces of evil and corruption that shape it. Only a select few know what is real and what is the truth. The rest, know what ‘the powers that be’ want us to know. The wise man hears and sees the truth between the lies and deception. Thus, there are none more blind than those who refuse to see. Many have predicted this time that we are now witnessing in our own lives. Few are prepared either physically or spiritually. Knowing that change is coming is the first step. Acceptance is the next. Preparing is the final step. Great devastation and change are coming to our way of life. Few will be told, but many will soon know. Most will deny their fate, until it is too late. The Georgia Guide Stones made it clear that the goal of their architect was to reduce the world’s population by 90%, stating that the planet cannot support the strains of our society. To date, no individual or group has taken responsibility for the placement of these monoliths. We can, however, expect that there is an organization that is helping to usher in the great catastrophes that would need to occur to cause such devastation. As we write you, it is clear that America is in an economic and constitutional death spiral, with an imminent global economic collapse, wars unfolding in the Middle East and East Asia, earth changes of unthinkable magnitude, a number of celestial objects of prophecy, and even another pandemic brewing. The Pope has stepped aside, setting the stage for the prophecy of Father Malachi Martin to unfold, with the next Pope (#112) predicted to usher in the Apocalypse and the “End Times”. Meanwhile, the 3rd prophecy of Fatima has still not been revealed, as the Vatican realized it was so horrible, that people could not bear to hear it or comprehend it. The Bible predicts the end of days will start, "when you see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not to be". Major investors have recently shorted the stock market, expecting (or presumably knowing there will be) an economic crash by late April, 2013. If so, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and virtually all investments will disappear. Keeping your money "under your mattress" is not a solution, as with an overnight collapse of the dollar, the following hyperinflation will make paper money effectively worthless. With the 2nd Amendment under attack, many foresee martial law, or worse yet, another civil war, which will end when the "last man is standing”. China will deal with Japan and commandeer Taiwan, while the US becomes preoccupied with North Korea and their nuclear aspirations and actions. Many predict all this will lead to an invasion, by the Chinese, seeking retribution for their then worthless investment in US Treasuries. Either way, all of this is more than anyone can be expected to emotionally or physically deal with. Topping this all off, government trained Remote Viewers foresee a sequence of devastating solar flares including the “Kill Shot”, occurring in conjunction with a large passing space body. We recently witnessed a series of meteors explode over Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cuba, on the same day, as the giant asteroid known as DA 14 passed within 15 minutes of our Earth’s orbit. If DA 14 was 15 minutes ahead of schedule, the Earth would have been directly hit, creating an unfathomable shock wave, and even a one to two mile high tsunami if it landed in an ocean. Later this year, Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) will enter the inner solar system, wreaking havoc in its path, with virtually every planet. Many believe ISON is the Biblical ‘Destroyer’, and despite the loss of credibility due to researcher’s misinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar, is, in fact, what they may have foreseen. Predictions are that the power grids and communications will be taken out by the coronal mass ejections, also resulting in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and high winds. Many claim that the southern hemisphere will be hit the hardest with few survivable locations. As predicted in the Bible, all those at war will look up and see something which will cause them to stop fighting, lay down their arms and return home. Predicted events preceding the Kill Shot include a space shuttle-like craft being forced down by meteors and North Korea using a nuclear weapon in anger. Neither seems far-fetched now, does it? The government has been preparing for a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault, that will divide the American continent in two. Some claim that this will be the result of the trail of earth changes emanating from the Gulf oil spill and a ramped effort to inject Corexit into the fractured Earth’s mantle to replace the voids from the removal of oil and natural gas. The above disasters will likely lead to nuclear power plant meltdowns, with widespread radioactive contamination. The "walking dead" will be those exposed to the radiation. People will certainly survive in many areas, but will then be faced with starvation, a lack of food, fuel and water, creating a "Mad Max" scenario, as survivors become desperate, scrambling to protect their families and survival supplies from the gangs of marauders. Major cities will be cordoned off and become virtual death traps. The most survivable locations will be well away from densely populated areas, with a community of like-minded people, banding their resources together for survival.
We know that America, Russia, China and even the Scandinavians have been bunkering up for decades. The question is why? Why have they built vast and deep underground bunkers for thousands of the military and elite to survive? Why was the “Doomsday Seed Vault” built on an island above the Arctic Circle in Norway, with major grants from Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, then stocked with seed specimens of every plant species on Earth in a rush to be completed in 2008? What do they know that they are not telling us? The US government found evidence of Planet X (aka Nibiru or Wormwood) in 1983, but it was quickly declared top secret via an executive order by President Reagan. Now the “Council of Worlds” has told President Obama that he must announce the truth about Planet X to the world, since it is getting closer to Earth and will soon cause a polar shift. If so, the government will purposely avoid using that name for it, so that people do not panic about the impending global catastrophe. Regardless of the foreknowledge available, it is predicted that up to 90% of the population will die from the events caused by Planet X going past Earth. THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK IS STILL TICKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, the future may be very catastrophic with only the chosen few surviving.
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