Tuesday, 28 August 2012

HANTAVIRUS : Pandemic imminent

A second person has died within a month from the rare rodent-borne disease hantavirus after visiting one of the most popular parts of Yosemite National Park.
The first victim, a 37-year-old Alameda County man, is believed to have contracted the disease while staying in a tent cabin at the park's Curry Village in mid June. Details of the latest victim have not been released.
There has been one other confirmed case of the illness, and a fourth possible case is currently being investigated.
Efforts underway to contact visitors who stayed in tent accommodation in the park's Curry Village between June and August
Hantaviruses are spread through rodent bites, urine or saliva.
Humans infected can develop potentially fatal diseases, hemorrhagic fever and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
Early symptoms are similar to the flu and include chills, fever and muscle aches.
Sufferers may may begin to feel better for a short time, but within 1-2 days, experience breathing difficulties, a dry cough vomiting and headaches.
Of the 587 documented U.S. cases since the virus was identified in 1993, about one-third proved fatal. There is no specific treatment for the virus.
Almost all cases involving humans have been linked to contact with rodent excrement. Howver human-to-human transmission has been reported with the Andes mountains in South America.
The name hantavirus comes from the Hantan River area in South Korea, from where teh first cases were identified in the late 1970s.
The disease was formerly known as Korean hemorrhagic fever.
During the Korean war Several thousand United Nations soldiers became ill with the disease sparking a 25-year search for the cause.

This could be the new Pandemic, the worldwide killer that wipes out mankind ,in the 14th century the Black Death wiped out 25 million people and this was before planes and easy travel throughout the world, if that many people died in the 14th century imagine the destruction and devestation in the modern world where you can jump on a plane tomorrow and end up in Timbuktoo ,25 million would be like chicken feed ,make no mistake this has no cure and if it goes airborne and can be transmitted through handshakes ,coughs and sneezes ,the world will have no need to be worried about any asteroid hitting or Yellowstone erupting in 2012.
************* UPDATE *****************************

There are now 12000 people affected and that's the ones we know about, how many more ,are we being told the total truth about this ,in less than a week thousands more infected ,imagine a month, a year ,5 yrs from now planet earth could be the corpse planet ,maybe this is why their looking at other planets that could support life.
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