Of course everyone has heard of the UFO crash site at Roswell did it happen where is the proof ?

was there a cover-up by the military would our own governments lie to us ,what is really happening in area 51 ,is it just a base unmanned sometimes apparently or is there more .
Even the most hardened skeptic must concede that many of the Abduction Reports and UFO Sightings can not be simply dismissed as figments of the imagination or weather balloons.

With so many other planets in our universe, it would take a very narrow minded person indeed to believe that we are the only life form that exists. It would also be arrogant to assume that just because humans are the dominant life force on this planet, we would be superior to any "alien" life from another planet.

We actually believe that humans are no more than Laboratory rats for a number of different alien races and it is our limited intelligence (compared to the aliens) that blind us from these facts. Humans obviously judge a situation based on their current level of knowledge and find it almost impossible to imagine an alien force that has advanced level spacecrafts or perhaps the ability to communicate without speech.

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But what makes some people choose to dismiss all reports of aliens as pure imagination and stories invented by crazy people? Sure, many reports can be eliminated as doubtful and some photos of UFO's can be faked. But not all reports can be explained away this easily and why would so many people make up such stories? They can't all be crazy!

Could it be that a persons religion and their views on God conflict with the possibility of intelligent alien life? Are some people just afraid to know the truth? Are some people aware of aliens but choose to conceal these facts?

Many skeptics believe that sightings of UFO's have increased since the media started reporting these events, or because of Sci-Fi films and television shows that have been produced since. This may be true to a certain extent, but then perhaps people are more aware of their existence now?

UFO reports go back as far as 1504 BC, even many of the Biblical stories could be referring to UFO's. At the parting of the Sea, was a "cloud" not seen hovering above? And were there not reports of another "cloud" seen hovering over the tabernacle, that contained the commandments, and reports of light and unspoken voices? (and possible radiation affects on the skin of those who came in contact with this cloud).

Many American pilots during The Second World War reported seeing "luminous discs" (also called "foo fighters") following alongside their aircraft.

Following a large number of UFO sightings in 1947 the USAF began Project Blue Book (this was originally called Project Sign, changed to Project Grudge and finally called Project Blue Book). The USAF investigated some 12,618 sightings in approximately 22 years before the project was terminated on December the 17th 1969. The decision to terminate this report was based on an evaluation of a report prepared by the University of Colorado entitled, Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, more commonly referred to as the "Condon Report".

Many of the investigations carried out by the USAF dismissed a large proportion of the reports saying that the sightings were aircraft, weather balloons and even the moon as it was setting. However, some of the reports could not be explained and were "unsolved". Yet despite this, the report was still terminated. It seems a little strange that such investigations were cancelled when their was no conclusive evidence that UFO's did not (or could not) exist. Surely even a small doubt about their existence should have been sufficient to continue this report?

But what of Abductions? Are Aliens just curious to see how we are getting on? We think not. There is a growing opinion that the Aliens motives are more sinister and many reports by abductees seem to support this. Many , as we already know, refer to physical examinations where experiments are conducted. Samples are taken and fluids and objects are inserted. Some abductees experience considerable pain during these examinations and often discover marks on their bodies afterwards (single and multiple punctures, large bruises, 3 and 4 fingered claw marks and various triangles).

The Aliens seem to have the ability to alter our perception of our surroundings and can make us see them in different forms (sometimes as someone we knew). Reports of their appearance vary from Grays, Reptile and Insect looking and even human-looking blond beauties.

Abductees claim to have seen more than one type of Alien together on a craft or in a facility and have even reported seeing human looking people working with the aliens (sometimes in military uniform).

Hypnosis has been able to reveal an abductees experience more clearly, but there is evidence to suggest that something called a "Screen Memory" is placed in a victims subconscious that blocks the true information and only a deeper form of hypnosis can discover this. These "screen memories" are used to replace a victims period of "missing time". This may account for many abductees only suspecting an abduction has taken place, as only vague flashbacks are experienced.

All these reports lead us to believe that we are merely alien experiments and our future is constantly monitored and "adjusted". It would also seem that some humans are also helping the aliens in some way (either willingly or by force). Clearly, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that Aliens are more involved in our lives than we imagine, yet it is hard to accept that we are little more than Lab rats!

Yet it seems strange that if there are so many UFO sightings and Abductions, and the Aliens are friendly, why haven't they made more attempt to contact us in a more normal way? Why is it that the military and government organizations, who have more sophisticated tracking devices, are so eager to deny the knowledge of UFO's? Is it really possible that they don't see what others do? 

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