Friday, 7 September 2012

Earthquake Activity Map

You have noticed all the recent activity from earthquakes so I will put a link direct to the USGS which gives an up to date detailed map of all the activity in the world with strength and magnitude of every earthquake ,The world is getting very restless and the magnitudes are getting stronger .if you click the title you will go straight to the page .I think we will see an eruption pretty soon from Mount Etna and the Redoubt Volcano in Alaska if you search through this blog you will see a link that will take you direct to the webcams of this and many more volcanos , in case you have missed it here is the link yet again if you are happy with what you are seeing on this blog please either donate on the right (to save my house from the vultures in government) or click an advert .I am also pasting the link for the latest tsunami alerts currently on record .
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