Friday, 22 April 2011

Identification Bangles/pens/fridge magnet

As there is now so many people reading this conspiracy website i have been given the chance to order somethings that will immediatley enable everyone to recognise each other .
Pens in red ,blue ,white
bangles in plastic or rubber in red, blue, white
fridge magnets in variety of colours
If there is enough interest let me know they will be
red for NWO/conspiracy ..... engraved with i believe in the NWO
blue for 2012................engraved with i believe in 2012
white for ufo................engraved with i believe in Ufo,s
Like the ones in the picture
It will be handy to know that you are not alone in believing that there is a conspiracy wether its 2012 ufo,s or The New World Order and in doing so meeting with other or bumping into other like minded individuals then you would be instantly recognisable .email me to Let Me Know If Anyone Of You Are Interested Then I Can Place The Orders

Red Identification Bangles For Believers

I have an idea that would be perfect for people such as us ,that would enable us to be recognised by each other and instantly you would know that you are not alone ,these would be red bangles in a rubber/or plastic type of materielengraved with 2 words (i believe) this word ensure that the person understands that they too know that 2012 is true .
Or Blue same material

Saturday, 16 April 2011

And We Didn't Even Know Hidden Again By OUr Governments

An asteroid as strong as 15 atomic bombs whizzed past earth last night at just ten times the distance of the moon.This proves one thing the only time we will find out about something that will and could end life as we know it is when it hits ,

Astronomers first spotted the cigar-shaped rock spinning through space on Monday evening and tracked it through the atmosphere.And noone bothered to tell the Public but the government officials knew

The star-gazers were baffled by why the asteroid 'blinked' at them until they realised that due to is long shape, the darkness came when it rotated slightly out of view.Thankfully, the 50m long rock that could have destroyed entire countries went barely noticed as it passed earth at a distance of some 220,000 miles.

'Usually, when we see an asteroid strobe on and off like that, it means that the body is elongated and we are viewing it broadside along its long axis first, and then on its narrow end as it rotates,' Don Yeomans from Nasa told
Cosmic: Star-gazers have logged around 3,000 asteroids

Cosmic: Star-gazers have logged around 3,000 asteroids

'GP59 is approximately 50m long, and we think its period of rotation is about seven-and-a-half minutes. This makes the object’s brightness change every four minutes or so.'

Nick James, from Chelmsford, Essex, recorded the newly discovered 'Asteroid 2011 GP59' on Monday night showing the object hurtling across the screen and blinking on and off.

The asteroid, which was recorded with an 11-inch telescope, was about 2,081,000-miles away from Earth at the time.

It was picked up by astronomers at the Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca in Andalusia, Spain, who've since determined that it's heading towards us.

Last night, the cosmic rock passed just outside the moon's orbit at a relatively close distance of around 220,000 miles. The distance from earth is around ten times the length that the moon is from earth.

But space experts said there was no need to be concerned as direct hit on earth would be highly unlikely.

'There is no possibility of the small space rock entering Earth’s atmosphere during this pass or for the foreseeable future,' Yeoman added.

He said that the orbit of the 'Asteroid 2011 GP59' could be accurately plotted. Astronomers have so far recorded around 3,000 asteroids.

The asteroid is five times bigger than one that exploded over Indonesia in October .

Monday, 4 April 2011

President Prepares For 2012

The truth has been revealed finally in so many words, preperation is underway for the biggest event the world has ever known ,only problem is when are they going to tell the common man .All that is being said is the lies upon lies and will find out the real reason soon looking at it .
The West Wing of the White House is all-but disappearing behind an $86 million building project that is going to last for years.

And a mysterious tunnel is being built, fuelling speculation that a secret underground lair is what's really under construction.

In recent weeks, an expanding and sometimes ear-splitting zone of excavation has enveloped the mansion's famous office wing.

Heavy equipment and metal-and-concrete superstructures are part of the vast construction project.

The front door and the Marine who guards it have disappeared behind a high green-and-white plywood fence. From Pennsylvania Avenue, all that's visible is a sliver of second-floor roof line.

For years to come, the front yard at 1600 Pennsylvania will remain a noisy building site, say officials in charge of the White House's 'Big Dig'.

Officials describe the job as an overdue upgrade of underground utilities. That includes water and sewer lines, electrical conduits, pipes for chilled and hot water and steam heat systems, and storm sewers. Heating, air conditioning and fire alarm systems are being replaced. Some systems are getting backups.
What lies beneath: The secret passageway, Armageddon-proof bunker (and basement bowling alley) under the President's feet

The White House already has a number of tunnels — the exact number is, of course, classified.

The most well known is the underground corridor that leads to the President's Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), a supposedly nuclear-proof bunker located six stories under the East Wing.

It was to this bunker and its adjacent Executive Briefing Room that Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, among others, directed Government operations on September 11, 2001.Pressing a panel on a wall adjacent to the President's rest room next to the Oval Office causes a secret door to slide open, leading to a staircase down to the passageway.

There is also talk of a tunnel linking the White House to Blair House across Pennsylvania Avenue.

Many presidents have made alterations to the building, built between 1792 and 1800.

While most of the alterations have been cosmetic alterations, the bunker that is now the PEOC was constructed during the Second World War for President Roosevelt.

The White House is also one of the first Washington public buildings to be adapted for wheelchair access, also for Roosevelt.

President Harry Truman completely refurbished the property in 1948, after it was declared to be in imminent danger of collapse. Truman moved into Blair House for the course of the rebuilding.

Computers and the first laser printer were installed during the Carter administration. Solar panels were also installed on the roof — later removed during the Reagan administration.

The house has a tennis court, a movie theatre, a jogging track, a swimming pool (located underneath the current press conference room), and a putting green.

By far the coolest addition, however, is a single-lane bowling alley in the basement — installed by bowling-mad president Richard Nixon.
Nero fiddles why Rome is burning they say ,but while we are burning and dying who is bowling.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Earthquake Hits Blackpool

Who can now doubt that something has happened, the uk is now starting to break up this is all a sign of poleshift if only the scientists would stop crawling up the politicians butts and admit it ,the reason that they don't want it known is obvious people will stop paying these fatcats their fantastic golden handshakes and enormous salaries they will have the cash to actually escape to a nice little hideaway till its all over with
The British Geological Survey recorded the Blackpool earthquake with a magnitude of
2.2 on the Richter scale and the epicentre was located between Carelton and Poulton Industrial Estate.

Local residents reported wardrobe doors being flung open and staff at Blackpool’s Bonny Street police station reported that they could feel the building shaking.

Police were sent to Lytham Road in South Shore having been told that cracks - which had been there some time, according to Blackpool council - had begun widened in the railway bridge.

A Bispham resident called the police to report that his motorbike had toppled over while temporary traffic lights at Thornton Gate had fallen down.

A spokesman for Blackpool Police told the Blackpool Gazette: 'We started to get calls at around 3.35am.

'Some may have thought it was an April Fool prank, but staff here felt the building move.

'We had a number of calls from residents. A woman in Grange Park rang up as she had been woken and thought her house was being broken into
It follows an earthquake measuring 3.5 which struck in Coniston, Cumbria, on December 21 last year in which no injuries or damages were reported.

Other recent quakes in the UK include one in February 2008, when a major tremor centred on Lincolnshire shook much of the country, caused damage to buildings and left one man injured.

The tremor - which measured 5.2 on the Richter scale - struck at around 1am on February 27 at Market Rasen.

And in Kent in April 2007, another tremor measured 4.3 on the Richter scale.

Homes were damaged as chimneys toppled, walls cracked and masonry fell when the tremor hit Folkestone.
The biggest earthquake Britain has know was in 1931, near Dogger Bank in the North Sea. That measured 6.1.
Just wait this will not be the only one ,there will be bigger and more to come .
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